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Forças do atual governo instaurado em Kiev usam propositalmente artilharia contra áreas residenciais, hospitais, escolas e estabelecimentos comerciais civis com o uso de mapas detalhados que foram capturados nos pertences de soldados ucranianos.



Frente Brasileira de Solidariedade com a Ucrânia

Um pequeno momento de honestidade do governo ucraniano.

Ukrainian Government: “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”. Sanctions against Russia based on Falsehoods

Global Research, January 31, 2015
Ukraine’s top general is contradicting allegations by the Obama Administration and by his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting against the Ukrainian Government’s forces in the formerly Ukrainian, but now separatist, area, where the Ukrainian civil war is being waged.
Here is a screen-print of a google-chrome auto-translation of that statement:


The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko, is saying, in that news-report, which is dated on Thursday January 29th, that the only Russian citizens who are fighting in the contested region, are residents in that region, or of Ukraine, and also some Russian citizens (and this does not deny that perhaps some of other countries’ citizens are fighting there, inasmuch as American mercenaries have already been noted to have been participating on the Ukrainian Government’s side), who “are members of illegal armed groups,” meaning fighters who are not paid by any government, but instead are just “individual citizens” (as opposed to foreign-government-paid ones). General Muzhenko also says, emphatically, that the “Ukrainian army is not fighting with the regular units of the Russian army.”
In other words: He is explicitly and clearly denying the very basis for the EU’s sanctions against Russia, and for the U.S.’s sanctions against Russia: all of the sanctions against Russia are based on the falsehood that Ukraine is fighting against “the regular units of the Russian army” — i.e., against the Russian-Government-controlled-and-trained fighting forces.
The allegation to the effect that Ukraine is instead fighting against “regular units of the Russian army” is the allegation that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, and it is the entire basis for the economic sanctions that are in force against Russia.
Those sanctions should therefore be immediately removed, with apology, and with compensation being paid to all individuals who have been suffering them; and it is therefore incumbent upon the Russian Government to pursue, through all legally available channels, restitution, plus damages, against the perpetrators of that dangerous fraud — and the news reports have already made clear precisely whom those persons are, who have asserted, as public officials, what can only be considered to be major libel.
Otherwise, Ukraine’s top general should be fired, for asserting what he has just asserted.
If what General Muzhenko says is true, then he is a hero for having risked his entire career by having gone public with this courageous statement. And, if what he says is false, then he has no place heading Ukraine’s military.

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‪#NAF shot down a ‪#Ukraine army UAV near Stakhanovo.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n1MtWyPcjo 
Heartbreaking video: ‪#Uglegorsk locals, daily under #Ukraine shelling, fleeing town are helped by ‪#DNR army. http://youtu.be/izjSKXFKKJo
‪#Kiev regime is conducting an ethnic cleansing in east #Ukraine! A genocide! NAF are fighting to save people and liberate occupied towns!
SIT REP Good news: all snipers and nazi units in the outskirts of #Uglegorsk neutralized by NAF! Ppl will go back to their homes very soon.
Yes but, first, this one must be closed, then NAF have to retake ‪#Troitskeand liberate ‪#Popasnaya
SIT REP Fightings street to street with artillery support in ‪#Debaltsevo,‪#Chornukhyno and #Popasnaya! ‪#Novorossiya
SIT REP #Debaltsevo Acc. to some sources from the front ‪#Kamyanka is entirely under NAF control! Route to ‪#Svitlodarsk 100% in NAF hands!
CONFIRMED! ‪#Luhansk Carried Out First Air Attack Against #Kiev Forces / Sputnik Int http://sputniknews.com/military/20150204/1017743928.html ‪#LAF = Lugansk Air Force
‪#DPR militias gain foothold in #Debaltsevo’s western outskirt — Republic’s Defense Ministry http://itar-tass.com/en/world/775278
Most skilled troops are all involved in #Debaltsevo (Ghost Brigade). When NAF will close there, #Popasnaya will be taken.
SIT REP #Popasnaya: NAF are mired in the eastern outskirts, Ukies control most part of the town. Heavy losses in both sides. ‪#LNR
Breaking! #DNR DefMin stated in his daily briefing that #Chornukhyno and the Southern part of #Kamyanka are under NAF control! #Debaltsevo
#Novorossiya -> Status Quo in #Debaltseve area February 3. The rats are trapped
NAF besides a #Ukraine Tu-143 shot down over Irmino, claims also shot two more UFOs (well, they say r Su-25 but lets wait) over #Debaltseve.
Ukrainian army has retreated from town of Uglegorsk and then started shelling it knowing there are thousands of civilians there.
#Ukies offer ceasefire in #Debaltsevo "4 the civilians" while still shelling civilians everywhere else. cauldron is getting a bit hot 4 them
#LNR's Su-25 which went into action in #Debaltsevo cauldronhttp://cs622923.vk.me/v622923277/19923/Gl7pVuVg2oc.jpg 
#Ukie #Nazguard opened fire on civilian convoy trying to leave #Chernukin, killing people in the first vehicle. others forced back
#Germany providing mobile intensive care units for wounded #Ukie troops. 
Meanwhile Germany's concerns for #Donbass civilians nonexistent
After failing to break through at #Elenovka, #Ukies moving artillery north to concentrate more fire on SW #Donetsk
#NAF under imperative 2 end this quickly - terrible loss of life among #Donbass civilians. Has to be Nuremburg trials after this is all done
#DNR #NAF enter #Debaltsevo from the West - #Ukies pushed from western outskirts
#Ukie headquarters in #Debaltsevo burnt to the ground after a direct hit by #NAF artillery
2 #Ukie Su-25s shotdown in #Debaltsevo cauldron today. 1 crashed at #Komissarovka and 1 at #Chernukin. #NAF AA defences working very well
fighting still raging in #Kamenka #NAF took checkpoint in north of town 2 IFVs 2 APCs destroyed. dead civilians lying in streets
#Ukie plane reported shotdown at #Irmino today was in fact a drone
#NAF have taken #Maloorlovka, #Chernukin and southern part of #Kamenka all in #Debaltsevo cauldron
2 #Ukie battalions sent junior officers to #NAF to negotiate their withdrawal from #Debaltsevo. rejected until battalion commanders come
Clean sweep Uglegorsk with #naf special forceshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g05kXeULis … #dnr #Donetsk
Join People's Self Defense of Donbass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4pnyj_NxCI … #dnr #Donetsk #Novorossiya
this was a drone, confirmed yesterday. 2 SU-25s shotdown by DNR tho
BREAKING!! #Kamyanka totally under #NAF control #Ukies are falling faster than thought. #Debaltsevo
Ukrainian troops shelled a hospital in Donetsk. There are dead and wounded http://topwar.ru/68290-ukrainskie-voyska-obstrelyali-bolnic… … …
multiple reports on #debaltseve pocket being completed... possible second pocket in the making at #svetlodarsk
#naf vid re arming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M_gO0YnXIo … we take city after city ! #dnr #donetsk #Debaltseve
UPDATE: At least 15 killed in #Donetsk hospital shelling - local authoritieshttp://on.rt.com/ggy2wo
This is terrible. According to local authorities at least 15 were killed in #Ukraine's shelling of #Donetsk hospital. http:
Chief of medical staff 'Momma' coordinates all Pravy Sektor medical teams in and around the #ukraine #Pisky frontline
Irmino is on a direct line from #Kramatorsk airbase to #Lugansk city. Was #Ukraine planning another civilian attack?
#Ukraine #Rada member accuses #Poroshenko of treason in aftermath of #Debaltsevo fiasco http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/02/02/3024 
Many of the #Ukraine refugees in #Russia have thought it over & are now returning to join #NAF #Novorossia Armed Forces #Donetsk #Lugansk
#Warcriminal #Poroshenko now uses also illegal cluster munition on civilians #Donetsk
#NAF night attack of #Debaltsevo pocket from all sides, says
#Uglegorsk massacre: #Ukraine forces in #Debaltsevo kill 30 civilians in Uglegorsk with #GRAD

Не пропускай новых видео, подпишись: http://goo.gl/5nLnPo В Ирмино под Стахановом ополченцы сбили в воздухе беспилотный летательный аппарат украинских силови...

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