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DONBASS-INFORMATION : 28. (27.) 02.2015 :
SIT REP ‪#Novotoshkovska under Ukie control! NAF repulsed a Ukie offensive towards CP 29. Fightings in ‪#KrasnyiPakhar and ‪#Troitske!‪#LNR
VIDEO: Some tactical training of ‪#NAF forces.http://youtu.be/0rECVIEg4Cg
Ceasefire? Donetsk Airport reportedly shelled 12 TIMES Full video:http://ow.ly/JGUwP *GRAPHIC*
‪#NOVOROSSIYA/‪#RUSSIA - Columns of humanitarian aid from #Russia have yet again reached border with #Novorossiya, bringing hope to‪#Donbass.
Once the West-backed Kiev regime falls, comes the bigger problem of how to de-Nazify ‪#Ukraine. Galicia will have to be expelled from country

[ENG subs] Honest interview with serial rapist sentenced to death by people's court in Alchevsk...: http://youtu.be/-irYhBPR8G0
The 'cyborgs' that #Ukraine forgot & ‪#Poroshenko ignores - #NAF retrieve UA bodies at ‪#Donetsk airport http://po.st/YyCP57
MORE: ‪#Gazprom ready to sidestep ‪#Kiev, supply gas to ‪#Donbashttp://bit.ly/1DZ9FN3
I had long liked @David_Cameron but his decision to send UK military to assist a Ukraine army killing civilians - he's an idiot. A traitor.
‪#IMF's $17.5 billion will disappear into a black Ukrainian oligarch hole faster than the speed of light
‪#Ukies are not even pausing to regroup this time. Guess they want to provoke #NAF into an assault on ‪#Mariupol - excuse for US weapons
BREAKING: Ukraine told to need more time for weapons pullback. Shelling instead contiunued. End of ceasefire TODAY clear. ukrainewar‪#war
Loud shelling heard in #Donetsk now, despite ceasefire generally holding for last few days.
No matter POW exchange where #NAF released 140 #Ukraine POWs, there are 130 more in NAF hands and UA recognizes that there's still 250 MIA
[GRAPHIC 18+] The war crimes of Mr. Poroshenko and the Ukrainian army https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR7BQRiH2XU http://fb.me/1FO3TcvH2
DPR's Zakharchenko: "We will teach you to live peacefully" #Donetsk #Ukraine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqEu8XAL-zw 
#MARIUPOL - There are reports of a very significant explosion that was felt throughout the city, but no source has been identified yet.
The Nazi Azov & National Guard slime will attack from where they cower in their trenches at Mariupol like vermin. NAF will take them down.
Emergency announcement of the Head of the DPR in regard to the withdrawal of heavy armaments Head of the DPR...http://fb.me/3NWnpVuOl
'An attack on the Donbass ends Minsk agreements' - Zakharchenkohttp://ow.ly/JGsgk
English subs, as I asked Ukrainian POWS at Debaltsevo how they were feeling- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvn5es4Upcw 
English subs, as I ask Ukrainian POWs if they feel ashamed.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duicnUm6xHg 
Urgent! #NAF repelled an #Ukraine attack on #Donetsk airport radar station consisting of 50 soldiers & 2 BMP'S
"CYBORG" CASUALTIES IN DONETSK AIRPORT Source:http://mikle1.livejournal.com/5000853.html Additional photos from...http://fb.me/1PRWQEDdM
#Deutschland's Medien führen die weltweite Negativberichterstattung gegenüber #Russland noch vor den #USA an #Ukraine
#Germany's media was the most hostile against #Russia in 2014 followed by the #US
#FLASH All Spanish Volunteers who fought for Novorossiya Side have been ARRESTED upon return to Spain - charged with MURDER UPDATE follows
After Antimaydan demonstration in Moscow, a guy from Pub shouted 'Glory to Ukraine' and fired gun into air and... http://fb.me/1B9DKkEjZ
Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion death squad recruiting in Germanyhttp://fortruss.blogspot.com/…/die-zeit-azov-battalion-recr… 
Ukraine Prepares for an Attack Against Russia? Installs Anti-Ballistic Missile System (ABM) - http://stateofglobe.com/…/ukraine-prepares-for-an-attack-a…/ 
NO PEACE WITH THE NAZIS. CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH THESE SCUM. ” @BBC look who you will be training NAZIs aka URK army.
#NAZISM: Have you been wondering when I will finally mention #Azov? Here: #Azov fighter on #Azov tank with #Azov flag (Hakenkreuzflagge )
Russia had to urgently restore gas to Donbas directly but putting it within Ukraine gas bill after all Kiev claims Donbas is their region
By the way: "Sound of thunder" started again in #Donetsk a few minutes ago - artillery strikes.

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