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August 5, 2016/News: 1- Population of Lugansk and Donetsk…, 2- Donetsk Defense…, 3- Ukrainian experts scoff at…

DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

1- Population of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics is mobilised: Demand the UN to uphold the Minsk-2 agreements

2- Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05.08.16

3- Ukrainian experts scoff at Poroshenko’s call to FBI


1- Population of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics is mobilised: Demand the UN to uphold the Minsk-2 agreements
Friday, August 5, 2016, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

On 3 August 2016, we were invited by the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) to attend, as foreign observers, to the roundtable conference demanding the UN and other international organisations to force Ukraine respecting the Minsk agreements, as indicated in the paper petition which gathered in one month (from 15 June to 15 July 2016) more than 153 800 signatures in LRP, and more than 500 000 for the two People's Republics (Donetsk and Lugansk) together.

A bus driver brought during the roundtable new signatures gathered in his bus, and a Lugansk Red-Cross representative brought signatures of ill people who could not go to the signatures gathering places. A parliamentary commission verified the authenticity of each signature, and
authorities put all the originals at the disposal of foreign observers for verification, in the interests of transparency.

This roundtable gathered all the civilian activists and representatives of the Lugansk People's Republic: trade union, youth movements, veterans, deputies, Ombudsman for Children, but also orthodox church members; as well as foreign observers and OSCE representatives. These latter remained silent throughout the meeting, during which they will take note of each participant intervention.

The various representatives recalled that the RPL people and authorities have consistently promoted and supported the Minsk agreements and their implementation, as all want the conflict to be resolved peacefully and that war criminals should be tried. The Ombudsman for Children also indicated that 28 children of the republic died in this war. War crimes for which some people in Ukraine will have to be punished.

In almost two years since the first Minsk agreements, nothing has been done by Kiev. Despite an apparent goodwill at the beginning, the Ukrainian authorities now let negotiations bogged down, and a further escalation of the conflict takes place, raising fears of a resumption of large-scale conflict, as in the beginning of the war.

Some representatives also highlighted that despite the violations of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian army, the LPR continued to provide to Ukraine gas and coal, thus showing the goodwill of the young republic. The last violation occurred the night before our visit, when the Ukrainian army shelled the locality of Stakhanov with 152 mm artillery (prohibited by Minsk agreements), due to which three people were injured. The shelling will be confirmed later by OSCE, of course, without any precision concerning the artillery caliber or the clear origin of the shelling.

With this petition, the population wanted to show it supports the authorities in their peace efforts, as it expressed its voice during the 2014 referendum, saying to the world that Donbass did not want Bandera as a hero, and wanted to preserve its history and language. Donbass authorities and people speak with one voice. The various representatives asked the OSCE and foreign observers to help bring their voices to the UN, and to remind this institution that it is its role to support population's voice in front of Kiev.

A role which is not played neither by the UN, nor by the OSCE. Some anecdotes are told, like this airstrike of Lugansk downtown, which damages will be attributed by the OSCE to the explosion of air conditioning (sic). Or that mine bombed more than 2000 times since the conflict began, and where the OSCE says that nothing has taken place there. One is left speechless.

The representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, recalled that the procession for peace that reached Kiev a few days earlier suffered numerous provocations throughout the walk. Eggs have been thrown on some icons, demonstrating the hatred and jealousy which now inhabit some Ukrainians.

The LRP authorities closed the round table by reading each point of the Minsk agreements, and citing all those to which the young Republic has complied: cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, cooperation with the OSCE, production of documents requested in Minsk attempted exchange of prisoners according to rule “all against all”. The text of the resolution that will be sent is voted and approved by all members of the round table.

On its side, Ukraine continues the economic blockade (which complicates the creation of new jobs in the Republic), still uses prohibited weapons, and continues its shellings, including against civilian areas. A lot of prisoners are detained in Ukraine in illegal jails, where they are tortured.

For those who want to see, the truth about the side to blame for the violations of the Minsk agreements is crystal clear. It is time for the guarantors of the Minsk agreements such as France and Germany, and especially international organizations such as the OSCE and the UN, to play their role and put pressure on Kiev for these agreements to be implemented.

Otherwise, the war in the Donbass will resume shortly, and the very concept of international law will die at the same time that the new civilian victims of this fratricidal conflict.
DONi Press, Christelle Néant


2- Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05.08.16

Friday, August 5, 2016, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative 
command Denis Sinenkov during his briefing, 
official translation by DONi News Agency

Good day! Today, I would like to one again sum up this past week.

I would like to pay special attention to the facts of purposeful shellings of the objects of the civilian infrastructure, the creation of the centers of tension by the Ukrainian leadership in the Gorlovka and Donetsk directions, the massive  concealment of the non battle losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and continuing fall of the moral and physiological condition of the Ukrainian servicemen. 

From July 30 till August 5 in the units of the People’s Militia there were carried out all the events according to the plan of the military training. The main attention was paid to crew shakeup of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery crew and air defense and engineer training and communication.

This past week the Ukrainian military kept daily shelling the territory of the Republic. Altogether the Ukrainian punishers shelled the localities of the Donetsk People’s Republic 3826 times, including with heavy arms 3234 times.
The localities along the whole contact line were intensively shelled.
As a result of the shellings by the Ukrainian punishers of the People’s Militia of the DPR there died three servicemen and got wounded two ones. Two civilians died and eight got wounded.
This past week the Ukrainian artillery fire destroyed and damaged 48 house-buildings in the locality of Zaitsevo, Gorlovka, Zheleznaya Balka, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Donetsk, Dokuchayevsk, Staromikhailovka, Kominternovo, Sakhanka and Mineralnoye.
The area  of the Donetsk water purification installation was once again under artillery and mortar shells, as a result there was damaged the power line and stopped the electric power supply to the station.  Within 24 hours there was limited water supply to the locality of Yasinovataya, Kiyevsky and Kuibyshevsky districts of Donetsk City and the area of the locality of Avdeyevka controlled by the Armed Forced of Ukraine.
Besides, during one of the shellings of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City there was broken the high-voltage of the power line as a result the part of the district remained without electrical power supply. There were breaks with gas supply.

Our intelligence keeps registering the facts of deployment of the AFU’s military equipment prohibited by the Minsk Agreements towards the contact line.
There was registered the presence of:

In the Gorlovka direction - battery of 152mm howitzers “Akatsiya”, troop of 122mm howitzers D-30, two batteries of 120mm mortars, two tank squadrons;
In the Donetsk direction - troop of 152mm howitzer “Akatsiya”, batteries of 120mm mortars and tank squadrons;

In the Mariupol direction - troop of MRLS “Grad”, two batteries of 152mm, self-propelled artillery platforms “Akatsiya”, two batteries of 120mm mortars and 200 people of military personnel

The Special Monitoring Mission OSCE publishes the facts of violations concerning withdrawal act of the heavy armament of the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian side in its daily reports.
Thus, this week in the take-off points there was registered the absence of the AFU’s military equipment by the representatives of the OSCE Mission:
152-mm howitzers D-20 - 18 units;
MRLS “Grad” - 11 units;
152mm howitzer “Gvozdika” - 24 units;
152mm howitzer “Akatsiya” - six units;
152mm howitzer “Msta-B” - 26 units;
tanks - 60 units;
100mm anti-tank cannons MT-12 “Rapira” - 17 units;
mortars - 31 units.
If 3 months ago the OSCE Mission registered singular cases of the absence of the heavy armament in the storage sites well, at present dozens of the prohibited armament are absent. It is important to note that using these weapons the Ukrainian side shells the localities of the Republic at night and by morning the artillery systems are withdrawn to the places of its storage sites set. 

Despite the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk taking place on August 3, the localities of the Republic were massively shelled with artillery and mortars  on the part of the Ukrainian military. Besides, the Ukrainian leadership tried to shuffle off the blame on violating the Minsk Agreements to us but the number of the destruction in the Republic and victims suggests the opposite.
This past week the Ukrainian punishers massively shelled the localities of Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Spartak, Telmanovo, Sakhanka from the positions of the 58th, 53rd infantry, 30 mechanized, 55th artillery and 81st airmobile brigades - under the command of Zabolotny, Vodolazsky, Garaz, Brusova and Moisyuk. 

The Ukrainian military command keeps deceiving the community, reporting on activities of mythic stay-behind groups of the DPR People’s Militia that allegedly carry out the attempts to break through the Ukrainian positions in different directions at times. 

Corresponding, there is informed the wrong information on the fact that the valiant units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully negated the attacks and the People’s Militia of the Republic is taking losses.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s command needs the falsehood not to allow the fall of the moral and psychological  condition of the Ukrainian servicemen who have got tired of the dull war that is profitable to puppet and pro-American leadership. Besides, the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic is implementing the Minsk Agreements and does not provoke the escalation of the situation in the contact zone of the sides.  

Besides, the statement of such a kind are aimed at delivering community’s attention from the real situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and concealment of its non battle losses. While promulgating the real situation, the commanders of the union and units fear checks and examinations, according to the results of which, they can carry criminal and discipline responsibility.
Thus, according to the official data of the representatives of the “ATO” headquarter in July 2016 the losses of the AFU amounted to 40 dead people and 182 wounded ones. However, only in the Kharkov hospital, in July 2016 year there were delivered over 300 servicemen with different kind of wounds from the “ATO” zone. And the data deal with only one hospital that is located well to the rear.
Even in the official statement of the Chief Military Procurator of Ukraine, non battle losses of the Ukrainian army amounted to over 1300 servicemen as on July 30, 2016. One of the reason announced by him was mishandling with arms and ammunition, murders and suicides and poising by alcohol and drugs. The Ukrainian population should ask the commanders Palagnyuk, Dovgan and Fyudorova what’s the use of the ruin of the soldiers in the civil war launched by the Kiev selling authorities.

At the same time, to decrease the number of such losses the Ukrainian military command has activated the fight against consuming booze and nonregulation interrelation. Especially after the crying case that took place in the 16th separate infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the locality of Avdeyevka where the servicemen, serving under the contract,  under the influence of alcohol killed the officer. The command of the 30 separate infantry brigade  solved the problem of the alcoholism in its way: salary cards of the servicemen were simply blocked.   

There was noted the massive abandonment of line of duty places by the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There were registered the facts of the running away of over 10 servicemen of the 58th separate infantry brigade from the “ATO” zone in the area of the locality of Ochereteno.
In all appearance, the crisis in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has achieved the point that the servicemen leave their positions even not being afraid of next criminal prosecution. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine keep loosing their soldiers as a result of feeble educability, negligence and the absence of the control over young input having come to the “ATO” zone. Thus, while violating the security needs during the carrying out of the provocative shelling of the Republican territory there was carried out the detonation of the 120mm mine on the position of the mortar detachment of the 58th separate infantry brigade, as a result of an incident the losses of the brigade amounted to two dead people and three wounded ones.

The Ukrainian military command have started using the battle tactics, hiding behind civilians in the area of the checkpoints. Thus, after 20:00 the Ukrainian military prohibit the entrance to citizens who have had no time to leave the buffer zone. After that, they open the mortar and artillery fire at the localities of the Republic and at the positions of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic, at the same time, knowing that the we will not make backfire. 

The facts confirms once again the scale of desintegration and lawlessness, taking place in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and we are warning the military and political leadership of Ukraine on the attempts of offensive targets. The People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic is ready to make a worthy resistance, not using the weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.  
Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Denis Sinenkov during his briefing, official translation by DONi News Agency


3- Ukrainian experts scoff at Poroshenko’s call to FBI

Friday, August 5, 2016, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The Ukrainian political experts scoffed at the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko’s call to the FBI that he carried out recently after the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev.

Thus, on air of the TV Program “the Work on mistakes” the political expert Aleksandra Reshmedilova pointed out that such a gesture of the Ukrainian President tells about the incapability of the law enforcement of Ukraine to investigate the hard balls.

‘Pyotr Alekseyevich personally called the FBI’. It sounds beautiful but it is a complete nonsense, concerning the initiatives,’ pointed out Reshmedilova.
She was supported by the political experts and TV presenter Dmitry Dzhangirov.
He was answered there that his full confession was waited for.

‘No, there was music, you know, when you wait,’ continued the political expert.
‘Or he was answered in the Ukrainian language: ‘Stay on the line, your call is very important for us,’ mocked Dzhangirov.
DONi News Agency

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