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Ukraine: 'Maidan 3.0' kicks off at Kiev's Independence Square

Dozens of activists began camping at Kiev's Independence Square on Sunday as part of a movement they have termed "Maidan 3.0." According to the organiser of ...
Frente Brasileira de Solidariedade com a Ucrânia
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Novos protestos começam na Praça da Independência em Kiev. Manifestantes chamam o próprio movimento de "Maidan 3.0".

MIles de personas se han congregado en la capital ucraniana Kiev para protestar contra el Gobierno...
Frente Brasileira de Solidariedade com a Ucrânia
O caos político, econômico e social que o Maidan elevou a níveis sem precedentes na Ucrânia começa a fazer que o povo veja quem são seus verdadeiros inimigos e que seus discursos eram falsos, o povo ucraniano penalizado vai as ruas contra as políticas liberais de Poroshenko.


9 h · Vox Populi Evo - Voice of The People source:
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Ukr. forces cut fingers off of a POW that is in the Donetsk Army & a local from Donbass | Eng Subs:
Позиции ополченцев в ‪#Широкино атакуют танки ВИДЕО:…/vstrane_…/content/201506071909-ggx7.htm 
‪#GORLOVKA—Incessant shelling of the city by ‪#Ukraine|ian forces. Powerful strikes at the northen & the western parts. Heavy artillery used.


Kiev wanted to worsen situation in ‪#Donbas ahead of ‪#G7 summit – ‪#Lavrov
Facebook Reinhard Lenfant
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Kiev wanted to worsen situation in ‪#Donbas ahead of ‪#G7 summit – ‪#Lavrov
UkroArtillery at Maryinka - the ones OSCE doesn't see. 
Commander of 72nd MechBrig of Ukrainian Army, Grishenko, Andrey Nikolayevich, who ordered shelling of Telmanovo 29th ‪#Russian ‪#HumanitarianAid convoy is
on its way to ‪#Donbass, while‪#Ukrainians are shutting off water supply
MOTOROLA : Новое - Моторола - Реакция на марках, предложение для Грэма Филлипса ‪#Новороссия ‪#Донбасс ‪#Донецк ‪#Моторола
Fascist Poroshenko signs law on legal regime of martial law in Ukraine
Poroshenko signs law severing military transit agreement with Russia
MH17 pilots' seats have 30 mm cannon holes in the back. 30 mm aircraft cannon holes also in left front of cockpit.
Donetsk republic denies Kiev’s claims about new clashes near Maryinka
Kiev deploys Grads, D-30 howitzer, 8 Uragan & 2 Smerch rocket launchers & 4 self-propelled howitzers...
Fire gorlovka → … Five people died and several were injured as a result of fierce shelling of‪#Gorlovka by UAF. Shelling continues . More images from ‪#Kurganka! Suburbs of #Gorlovka. Ukrainian shellings ended few minutes ago... this is the result! … .Aftermath of Ukr. shellings on ‪#Kurganke, #Gorlovka. 5 dead and a lot of heavily damaged buildings! Via . ‪#Kiev regime has committed another massacre in #Gorlovka but the #G7 shits ask‪#Russia to put pressure on NAF to respect ‪#Minsk2!...
Ukies literally unleashed hell on ‪#KurgankaKomarova, Gorlovka! #DNR _dnr 

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