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Frente Brasileira de Solidariedade com a Ucrânia compartilhou o vídeo de Revista Opera.
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A Unidade Internacionalista Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, formada por brasileiros e voltada para a função de "hasvetika"(reconhecimento, sabotagem e diversionismo), fez o seu primeiro vídeo de divulgação!
Nessa ocasião estavam re-estabelecendo e se familiarizando com um canhão da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Essa unidade já treinou com um canhão de artilharia mais moderno, o D30. Apesar de ser uma unidade de infantaria, na zona em que o grupo está situado existe esse canhão que atualmente não serve mais tanto como artilharia de longa distância, mais uma arma anti-tanque a ser usada em posições defensivas.


DONBASS-INFORMATION : 06. (05.) 03.2015
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DONBASS-INFORMATION : 06. (05.) 03.2015 :
VIDEO: NAF in Donbass fire an ATGM at a Ukrainian forces.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a600NZKZsmM 
Breaking! Boots on the ground: ‪#US military instructors arrive in ‪#Ukraine!http://bit.ly/1ALETQw
600 #US Paratroopers to Arrive in #Ukraine by Week End - http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/03/04/4100 
Boots on the Ground: US Military Instructors Arrive in Ukraine. They will run away like in Vietnam and Afghanistan. NAF will defeat them.
Update,as British police detained me upon arrival at Heathrow, about my work in Novorossiya-https://www.facebook.com/grahamwilliamphillips/posts/1557855701132132 
Ukraine: 'Propaganda drives
Ukrainian hatred towa…:http://youtu.be/lwZ4mRaiTBM
#Ukraine army sets explosives under the bridges to ‪#Crimea ‪#Russiahttp://www.ntv.ru/novosti/1351216
‪#Ukies have mined the bridges across the border between #Crimea and‪#Banderastan at the Chongar pennisular
EXPLOSION rocks Right Sector base in ‪#Odessa http://ow.ly/JX53S
‪#FLASH: Shirokino: Un ataque condenado al fracaso ‪#DPRhttp://wp.me/p4SOkr-Rh
The life of ‪#Donetsk rebels during ceasefire. Photos: @avdeevhttps://meduza.io/…/20…/03/05/peremirie-s-avtomatami-v-rukah 
The coming war between US and Russia will be all out, as #US wants #Russia on its knees or annihilated. For the US, world domination or bust
Grand Overview and Analysis of the Battle of ‪#Debaltsevo by Colonel‪#Cassad http://russia-insider.com/2015/03/03/4052
I cant believe #Russia is going to standby while 600 US airborne come to‪#Kiev on Friday to train the ‪#nazi NatzGuard 4 war against the East
fighting still raging in several areas of the ‪#Donbass - with small arms, mortars and tanks, rather than artillery
#Russia FM: #US military has already deployed in the ‪#Kharkiv region for training Ukrainian soldiers ‪#LPR #DPR ‪#NAFhttp://translate.google.com/translate… 
‪#Makeevka in #Donetsk People's Republic. Half a year ago under #Kiev's insane #terror, and today - liberated by #NAF.
#Ukraine KO: Rada Speaker proposes setting up a ...boxing ring in parliament http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150304/1019047727.html…
While we are sitting here having a ceasefire, civilians in occupied Donbass are being raped, tortured, robbed & murdered by Kiev troops.
Ukies claim 1 KIA, 1 wounded last 24 hrs in fighting. Multiply that by the usual factor to get the truth.
Donetsk People’s Republic holds a humanitarian cooperation in the area of Donetsk airport to clear the terrain of... http://fb.me/3uyWtFUxc
Ukraine needs reforms to guarantee autonomy for all its territories — Italy’s PM http://tass.ru/en/world/781210 http://fb.me/78J71sohr
'I came to help the people of #Donbass' - US DNR volunteerhttp://ow.ly/JWBqj
'I couldn't be a spectator to fascism' - Colombian DNR fighterhttp://ow.ly/JX4jP
There continues to be fighting between the neo Nazi Azov Battalion and Novorossiya at Shyrokine, near Mariupol.
Donetsk: Iskorka kindergarten (No. 237) receives humanitarian aid from Russia... http://fb.me/2UEay3UbD
Our enemy: Ukraine's Nazis.
Donetsk republic registers 25 violations of ceasefire since Tuesday afternoon http://tass.ru/en/world/781100 http://fb.me/3KTp0dfCh
Outrageous that Interpol & Spain are taking orders from Kiev fascists and arresting the Nazis' enemies.
#DNR soldier from #Donbass showing his #Ukraine #passport & taking about his life during & before the #war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUdb30HxfWI … #UA #LNR
Like Debaltseve, #Ukraine's ceasefire largely forgotten at #Shyrokyne. @OSCE_SMM reports it mostly holding otherwise.
Spain: Spanish volunteers went to Ukraine to fight 'fascism':http://youtu.be/2phabPULiCQ
#UKRAINE/#DPR - Reports of continued skirmishes between #Azov Regiment & #NAF in the settlement of #Shirokino, at #Mariupol. Ceasefire, sir.
#DOCUMENTARY «Resistance» The beginning of the protest movement in #Donetsk 1 year ago. http://youtu.be/MwiralRx6kM ENG SUBS
Russia Dismisses Reports of Military Concentration on Ukrainian Border. Russian army is no needed to defeat Kiev. NAF alone can do it.
VIDEO: #Ukraine Self Propelled Howitzers seem to continue to be used no matter ceasefire. http://youtu.be/tTBXCmcPW-Q
Angel volunteers in #Donetsk/#Lugansk run out of food, hand out money (video): https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=404728669698406&pnref=story 
VIDEO: #Ukraine continues attack #donetsk airport, not w/ intention to capture but only to kill using heavy weapons.http://youtu.be/PC49OrGP4tc
Ukrainian authorities refuse to form working groups in framework of Contact Group — Lavrov http://tass.ru/en/world/780945

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