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October 1, 2, 3, 2016/News: 1- Primaries in DPR and LPR…, 2- International observers…, 3- Western instructors train Ukrainian… 4- AFU fired at DPR territory…, 5- AFU redeployed 300 tons of ammunition… And more…

DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

1- Primaries in DPR and LPR: today was a historical day for Donbass (Video)
2- International observers state DPR primaries an example to West
3- Western instructors train Ukrainian military in new torturing methods
4- AFU fired at DPR terrritory with heavy artillery on the eve of forces' disengagement
5- AFU redeployed 300 tons of ammunition to Donbass, including incendiary and phosphoric shells


1- Primaries in DPR and LPR: today was a historical day for Donbass (Video)
Sunday, October 2, 2016 - 21:03, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

Today, at 8 AM, the polling stations opened in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR), and remained opened until 8 PM, to allow a maximum of persons to vote today for their local representatives.

This election is not the first one in the two young republics, there was the referendum of 11 May 2014, and the presidential elections in
November 2014. But these two votes were of course considered as invalid by the international community (amongst them the UN and the European Union), and contrary to the Minsk agreements.

So this time, the authorities made everything perfect, in order for these elections to offer no argument against their validity. A temporary electoral commission was created, which defined clearly and in a fully transparent way the processes and procedures of the future elections, based on the OSCE standards. The security was reinforced to ensure no terrorist act from Ukraine could sabotage the elections.

The candidates application was opened to everyone, as far as the person has a clean criminal case and enough signatures to support his candidacy. And the whole process was monitored by observers from both the DPR, LPR and abroad (Italy, South Ossetia, France, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, etc). In total, more than 1060 people monitored this election, including 22 international observers.

These foreign observers were able to take photos and videos, and none of them detected any violations during these elections:

"We haven't registered any violations here, neither me, nor my foreign colleagues," emphasized Johan Bäckman from Finland.

"I consider that today we observe an exemplary democratic process. Primaries strengthen the international position of the DPR," he noted.

These highly democratic elections have met a strong enthusiasm from the population as at 3 PM more than 290 000 citizens of the DPR had already voted.

This will to have fully democratic elections which can be used as a model for future elections, was expressed by the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko after his vote:

The straw public vote is intended to build an ideal system of electoral process for fair, transparent and democratic local elections to be held in the future”, he stated.

He added that “We proved our power, dignity and solidarity to the entire world when in 2014 we rose shoulder to shoulder against cruelty and injustice. Now the hour has struck for political victories. The DPR people should show that we have built a civilized, constitutional state capable of holding transparent and fair elections. Together we will make the rule people’s indeed!

And they succeeded so well into making these primaries perfect, that foreign observers even consider that Western countries should take example on DPR and LNR, concerning democracy and freedom of speech:

I am sure that my foreign colleagues agree with the idea that you give us hope with your democratic proceedings as we face many problems concerning democracy and freedom of speech in the West now. I think it (primaries) is very important point from the point of view of the international recognition of the DPR,” summed up the Finnish observer.

A point of view that Janus Putkonen, our director, and myself shared just after our vote. Because today was not only a historical day for this full democracy demonstration in Donbass, but it was also the first elections in which foreigners who obtained the DPR citizenship were able to vote.

Janus Putkonen highly appreciated open ballots and the open system of holding elections in the DPR in comparison with the Finnish voting system, including the utmost level of transparency and foreign observers’ involvement in the process.

Europeans have much to learn from the Donetsk People’s Republic,” stated Putkonen.

On my turn, I also highly appreciated the fact that candidates needed to have a clean criminal case in order to apply for these elections. A system which is not existing in France and allows real criminals and corrupted people to be elected even to the highest positions, and is a real scandal.

Janus and myself were really proud today to have this honor and opportunity to participate to the democratic process which is ongoing, and which builds little by little the DPR and LPR states.

Today we were both observers and participants of a great historical day for Donbass.

Christelle Néant
DONi News Agency

2- International observers state DPR primaries an example to West
Monday, October 3, 2016 - 13:27, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

The primary vote held in the DPR was organized in accordance with world-wide democratic standards and is meant to boost the Republic’s image, said international observers after having monitored the vote.

 "I consider what we have evidenced today to be an exemplary democratic process. Primaries reinforce DPR international position,” said the Finnish political scientist Johan Bäckman.

Zdeněk Ondráček, a member of the Czech Parliament stated that he had been impressed with the DPR people’s being committed to participate in the primaries, and their organization level as well.

 “There even emerged queues to ballot boxes, and no mistakes were detected on the part of the organizers. The turnout reached nearly 50 percent by mid-day already. We are looking on you with admiring envy because we do not observe such a number of voters in our country,” said Ondráček.

Italian journalist and social activist Giullietto Chiesa also brought a comparative line between the political situations in the DPR and western countries, having noted that western democratic institutions should not be regarded as a guide taking into account how long they have been degrading.

“Don’t look to Europe, build your own democracy,” he adviced voters in Donetsk.

His compatriot, member of the Italy-Russia (Bergamo) Association Eliseo Bertolasi shared his colleagues’ opinion and highly praised the voting:

“This is a model of perfection of freedom and democracy for many countries of the world.”
 DONi News Agency 

3- Western instructors train Ukrainian military in new torturing methods

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 15:53, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

Russian human rights activists register the emergence of new methods of tortures applied by the Ukrainian military in the zone of the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’ after the western instructors began to train them, stated the director of the Democracy Problems Research Fund Maxim Grigoriev today at a press conference in Moscow.

"We started noting that from the outset of the training program for Ukrainian military personnel by western instructors, they started practicing methods of tortures which used to have been abnormal for Ukraine earlier. For instance, the torture of suffocation by water," said Grigoriev.

Besides, as witnesses told the human rights activists, many tortures used by the Ukrainian military are similar to those applied by the American troops in Vietnam in due time.

"Therefore we suppose that the western countries not only understand what is going on in Ukraine, but have also assigned many of human rights violations directly," claimed Grigoriev.
DONi News Agency

4- AFU fired at DPR terrritory with heavy artillery on the eve of forces' disengagement

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 10:13, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

The Ukrainian army in anticipation of the next attempt of forces' disengagement in Donbass subjected to firing the town of Yasinovataya with artillery of 122 mm caliber, reported a source in the DPR security agencies.

At 23:45 the Ukrainian side started shelling the territory of the industrial zone near Yasinovataya. The enemy fired with artillery of 122 mm caliber.

The AFU used mortars of 82 and 120 mm caliber, IFV arms, grenade launchers and small arms as well.  
DONi News Agency

5- AFU redeployed 300 tons of ammunition to Donbass, including incendiary and phosphoric shells
Saturday, October 1, 2016 - 16:00, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

The Ukrainian military replenished their supplies on the frontline in Donbass with 300 tons of ammunition, including incendiary and phosphoric shells, reported the Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basurin.

"This week our intelligence recorded transportation by the enemy of over 300 tones of explosives, including incendiary and phosphoric ammunition to the artillery warehouses in Nikolayevka and Rybinsk (villages near Volnovakha), and also to Marinka," said the Vice-Commander.

Earlier the DPR military authorities repeatedly stated the use of phosphoric bombs by the Ukrainian army against the civilian population of the region. In particular, the AFU were firing from the forbidden arms at the territory of the Donetsk airport in January, 2015.
DONi News Agency

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October, 3rd, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

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