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DONBASS November 21, 22, 2016/News

DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)
1- Frontline interview with A. Zakharchenko, the Head of Donetsk People's Republic
2- Aleksander Zakharchenko about Ukraine`s striving to NATO: “Without us!”
3- Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 22.11.2016
4- Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 22.11.2016 (Video)


1- Frontline interview with A. Zakharchenko, the Head of Donetsk People's Republic
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 11:37, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The SvPressa has made a frontline interview with Alexander Zakharchenko. The Head of DPR reveals a big secret to the journalist, Sergei Shargunov:

"There is no peace here, we have a raging war!"  

It's said in the history, that "a war brings out the best, and the worst, from the people". In the trenches with other Donbass defenders, multiple times wounded head of state, A. Zakharchenko, gave for everyone a lot to think about.

"The main thing in a human is his inner core, his beliefs and ability to defend them. Under any circumstances. Here we have
many decent, brave, and honest people. But the main thing is this core, which is important, real, and manly. Maybe you can’t be a soldier for one reason or another, but you have to be a man. Your personality must have integrity," said Zakharchenko.

Zakharchenko continues, that "by respecting yourself, you can love your Homeland, your loved ones. All of this is thanks to respect for where you live. Inner respect is transmitted to people with their mother’s milk."

"A Russian man inherently has a sense of his own dignity. But some forgot about this. Even here, some people started to forget this. 2014 gave people something very valuable. The Russian spirit returned. An external threat awakened in people those qualities which, unfortunately, we had forgotten. As strange as it sounds, it is thanks to this that our qualities were awakened in us. It’s as if we were born again. Hence came the ability to fight, resist, respect ourselves, and the courage, faith, and will to sacrifice," Zakharchenko continued.  

"What does being the head of the republic mean to you?", asked the journalist.
"First and foremost, it is a duty and service. It is not power, but the opportunity to fix what, unfortunately, wasn’t fixed for 23 years," answered Zakharchenko.
"What impacted you most in your life?" asked Shargunov.

"The events of late 2013-early 2014. The Maidan. I was awakened by what is called the Russian soul. I was scared and offended that we, Russians, were perceived as second-class people. So then I took up arms and decided that if they don’t understand the easy way, then they need to be explained the hard way. I was sick and tired of being a second-class citizen. I live in my land, and yet there was the sense that I am an outcast. This awoke that feeling in me", Zakharchenko replied.

"They started to burn churches, set deputies on fire, and march around Kiev with Nazi flags and torches. I asked myself: “For what did our grandfathers die? What about our great grandfathers? Only for this scum to come to my hometown and say that we are all outcasts?" This is probably what awakened me to another life," said Zakharchenko.

Before moving to frontline, In the Zakharchenko's office, Russian journalist had seen something very familiar, "I saw that you have the flag of Russia in your office". 

"Yes, of course. The flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic - this is my land - and the flag of Russia - the flag of the Homeland. I was born in Donetsk, therefore the flag of Donbass stands. And Russia is my Homeland. Thus, I have two flags," commented Zakharchenko.

Orginal article in Russian: http://svpressa.ru/war21/article/160374/
Full English translation from the interview is made by J. Arnoldsky, and published by the Fort Russ.
DONi News Agency

2- Aleksander Zakharchenko about Ukraine`s striving to NATO: “Without us!”

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 11:24, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The Head of the Donetsk People`s Republic commented on the statements of the Ukrainian Parliament`s speaker Parubiy at the sitting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul:

The will of Maidan`s elite to lead Ukraine in the NATO first of all contradicts the national interests of the Ukrainian nation. It`s not about the fact that the accession to the transatlantic military alliance endangers the Ukrainian people in case of further global conflict. The demonstrative words of a parliament speaker about “every dollar invested in Ukraine`s development will save thousands necessary for deterrence of Russia” support the conclusion that Ukraine is planned to be turned into a wall with a help of which the NATO wants to distance itself from Russia. And turn it into a cheap wall. I have nothing to say, an honorable role!

But it`s not a point. The point is that the Maidan “elite” makes the Ukrainian nation to compromise its integrity, its history, its spiritual experience and draw the Ukrainians out from the sole Russian orthodox civilization. And this can be characterized only as a betrayal towards its nation. And I hope that the Ukrainian people will find the strength to stop these traitors from Maidan and give what they “deserve”.

As for Donbass, it has made its choice and the Ukrainian Parliament speaker`s words about “Ukraine will become a member of the NATO” - the answer is short: without us! This is apart from the fact that every step of Ukraine towards the NATO at the same time is a refusal of Kiev from the Minsk agreements.

Official translation by DONi News Agency


3- Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 22.11.2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 14:40, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The situation in the zone of responsibility of the People's Militia remains tense, but tends towards stabilization. There haven't been registered any shellings by AFU over the past day.

The AFU keep violating conditions of the placement of military equipment near the line of contact provided by the Minsk Agreements, increasing the capacity of the units in the anti-terrorist operation zone.
We are aware of the fact that starting from November 21 the AFU command, for the maintenance of combat readiness of the units, has been conducting trainings on counterattack repulse. In this connection, the AFU units of the 2d battalion of the 14th brigade deployed in the area of the locality of Schastye, were placed in the highest degree of combat readiness.

According to our data, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine doesn't wish to pay the bills presented by the energy companies of Ukraine for energy supply to the military units in the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" zone. For this cause, there is a big debt for what the companies in a private order isolate military facilities from the electric power.

Despite the imaginary stabilization of the situation, taking into account the forthcoming meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk, the Ukrainian military criminal authorities don't intend to observe the reached agreements on preservation of the ceasefire regime, and undertake everything for further escalation of the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine.

We, in our turn, observe the "silence regime" and adhere to the reached Minsk agreements. Our actions are directed to the peaceful solution of the conflict in Donbass.

The meetings with commanders of platoons, artillery spotters and units of obstacle clearing have been carried out in People's Militia units within a week. We are increasing the level of professionalism and readiness for performance of tasks in protection and security of people of the republic according to the plan.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency

4- Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 22.11.2016 (Video)
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 13:55, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.

Over the past day the Ukrainian fighters violated ceasefire 519times. At that the enemy launched 6 artillery projectiles of 152mm and 122mm calibre, 148 mortar shells of 120mm and 82mm calibre. Besides, the fire was launched from grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles and various types of small arms.

The following Republic’s localities underwent shellings by the Ukrainian terrorists Panchenko, Brusov, Gruzevitch, Shaptala, Nikolyuk, Sokolov and Delyatitsky:  Zaitsevo, Vasilievka, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Staromikhailovka, Aleksandrovka, Dokuchayevsk, Leninskoye, Sakhanka and Trudovskiye locality of the Petrovsky districtof Donetsk.

Our intelligence continues detecting strengthening of the AFU positions near the contact line:
- Near Kurdyumovka (7 km away from the contact line) there were detected three152mm self-propelled artillery mounts ‘Akatsiya’;
- Near Avdeyevka (5 km away from the contact line) there were detected ten mortars of 82mm and 120mm calibre.

Over the past day there were detected another facts of blatant excesses against civilians on the territories which are temporarily under control of the AFU. Residents of Nelepovka locality lodge numerous complaints against the Ukrainian military who cease their houses under the pretext of temporary need as cold weather sets in. Besides, from November 21 till November 22 while passing the check-point of entrance and departure ‘Mayorsk’, having given out to pressure, infinite interrogations on the part of the Ukrainian frontier guards and the SBU, and also the absence of heating points there died two women: Basmanova Ekaterina Fiodorovna, Gorlovkacitizen, and Solodkaya Valentina Sergeyevna, resident of the Lugansk region.

The facts of crimes against the civilian population are detected more and more often, bypassing censorship they began to leak out into the Ukrainian press what seriously disturbed the AFU command. We got to know that during the meeting, the ‘ATO’ commander Popko ordered to forbid video filming on sites of dislocation of the Ukrainian military units, so that to prevent interviewing of local residents and registering facts of the AFU crimes against civilians, with their subsequent publication.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency

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