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Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 07.07.2016

07.07.2016, DONi Donbass International News Agency (Donbass)

 Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia 
Major Andrey Marochko, 
official translation by DONi News Agency

The situation in the zone of responsibility of the People’s Militia remains tense.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian punishers of the 54th separate mechanized and 59th separate mechanized infantry brigades, on order of their pro-Nazi commanders, fourteen times shelled the territory of the Republic in the area of the localities Sanzharovka, Logvinovo, Kalinovo, Kalinovka and Lozovoye.

The punishers used in shelling:

- infantry fighting vehicles, 3 rounds made;
- 82mm mortars, 32 mortar shells launched;
- anti-tank grenade launchers, 8 rounds made;
- automatic grenade launchers, 47 rounds made;
- small arms.

To fill the shortage of personnel in the AFU units in the ATO zone, the Ukrainian authorities continue to use convicted criminals, including
repeat offenders as military.

In particular, our intelligence found that on July 2, in the locality of Bolotennoye in the Stanichno-Lugansk region, arrived thirty men specially released from prison in Ukraine. After a 3-day training course, all convicts were given weapons and ammunition as it was planned to send them to units located along the contact line. However, the criminals learnt of those plans and on night of July 5 willfully left the place of dislocation and fled in an unknown direction, taking with them arms and ammunition. This incident was followed by announcing the plan "Interception" and raising all the units of the National Police and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, the AFU command continues to violate the terms of storage of military equipment along the contact line, provided by the Minsk Agreements, as well as use the cease-fire regime for the military build-up of their units in the ATO area.

In particular, according to our intelligence, in the locality of Artyomovsk arrived armored vehicles of the AFU, which were placed on the territory of schools, hospitals and other municipal institutions.

In addition, seven trucks with tanks T-64 proceeded via the locality of Gorsky.

These and similar facts do not give the Republic's authorities and command the right to a weakening of vigilance and rigor to the personnel. We continue to pay special attention to the protection and safety of the Republic, as well as military training of the units and increase of the combat potential of the People's Militia.

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