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August 20, 21, 2016/News: 1- Polish special forces claimed to be secretly…, 2- Russia urges Kiev to…, 3- Lvov citizens beg…, 4- Donbass security subgroup…, 5- Erdogan promises Poroshenko, 6- Donetsk Defense: Situation…

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1- Polish special forces claimed to be secretly deployed to Donbass

2- Russia urges Kiev to implement UN human rights recommendations
4- Donbass security subgroup started its work in Minsk

5- Erdogan promises Poroshenko to support Ukraine’s claims to Crimea, Biden intends to allocate Nazi state 1bln

6- Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 20.09.2016



1- Polish special forces claimed to be secretly deployed to Donbass
Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 13:24, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

Polish journalist Andrzej Rozenek recently published an article in the Polish news weekly NIE, in which he argued that 18 Polish special forces soldiers were deployed near Donbass at the order of the Polish Defense Ministry. In an interview with Sputnik, Rozenek commented
on his publication.

According to the journalist, the military unit was deployed 80 km away from the front line. This move can be viewed as a provocation and might have serious consequences for regional security, and in particular, fuel conflict with Russia, Rozenek argued.

"This is, of course, dangerous, especially if their presence is illegitimate. In this case, we can assume several scenarios. And I think that if someone is interested in fueling the conflict, adding fuel to the fire, then this is the right way to do it — send out soldiers and cause trouble," Rozenek said.

The information, as Rozenek said, is based on the statements of two sources made on the condition of anonymity. The Office of the Polish President has sent an official response to his request, saying that the soldiers were supposed to undergo military training in an international training camp located at the Ukrainian-Polish border, however, Rozenek is confident that the place was chosen not by accident.
"There are Ukrainian troops trained by instructors from NATO countries, and among them are also the Poles," the journalist stated.

NATO has been boosting its military presence in Europe, particularly in Eastern European states, since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, citing Russia's alleged interference in the conflict as justification for the move, reports Sputnik.

At the NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the military bloc would strengthen its presence in Eastern Europe on a rotational basis with four battalions in Poland and in the Baltic nations.
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2- Russia urges Kiev to implement UN human rights recommendations
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 11:28, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

Russia has urged Kiev to be responsible in implementing the recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Miission in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday commenting on the mission’s regular report.
"We are urging Kiev to act with full responsibility and implement the recommendations prepared by the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"For our part, we continue to believe that strict implementation of the Minsk agreements is the only way to improve the situation in Ukraine, especially in Donbass, and reach sustainable and durable peace," the Russian Foreign Ministry said. 

Moscow feels worried over growing civilian casualties in Donbass the UN human rights observer mission registered last summer, reports TASS.

"We’ve read the 15th report of the UN observer mission on human rights in Ukraine covering the period of May 16 to August 2016. One cannot but feel regret and deep concern over the UN monitors’ findings civilian casualties showed growth of late," the Foreign Ministry’s commentary runs. "The UN experts issued a very timely call addressed to Kiev to ensure control of the independent paramilitary groups along the engagement line."

"Moscow shares the concerns, conclusions and recommendations of UN experts regarding such human rights violations committed by the Ukrainian side, in particular, its armed forces and secret services, as the use of torture and other cruel treatment at detention centers under Kiev’s control, arbitrary detentions, the keeping of detainees in isolation with the outside world and sexual and gender-based violence."
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 09:37, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

Residents of Lvov are disappointed in the political ruling circle which came to power as a result of the Euromaidan, and demand to return the government under Yanukovych, said the former prime minister of Ukraine and the leader of Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party Yulia Tymoshenko at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada coordination board, reports 112 TV channel.

According to the politician, during the recent trip to Lvov she talked to local citizens in city streets and learned that they were very dissatisfied with the present situation in the country.
Tymoshenko noted that she had never observed "such a stream of tears, curses and hopelessness" among the people defending the independence of Ukraine.

"If democratic forces which are in power today are incapable of running the country, then let them leave and return that "criminal power" which used to have made people’s life better," Tymoshenko quoted the requirements of Lvov residents.

The former prime minister of Ukraine emphasized that people whom she had met accuse Kiev of a genocide which is being committed "consciously and systemically."
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4- Donbass security subgroup started its work in Minsk

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 14:46, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The security subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on the conflict's settlement in Donbass started its work in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, reported the press-service of Denis Pushylin, the DPR envoy to the Contact Group.

The Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass, which comprises representatives from Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, was set up in 2014 in a bid to promote direct dialogue between Ukraine and the People's Republics.

The formation of the subgroups on political, economic, humanitarian and security issues was stipulated by the Minsk agreements.
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5- Erdogan promises Poroshenko to support Ukraine’s claims to Crimea, Biden intends to allocate Nazi state 1bln

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 10:51, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

Turkey will continue to support Ukraine’s claims to Crimea, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during his meeting with the so-called Ukraine’s president Poroshenko on the sidelines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the press service of the Ukrainian government reported.

"Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will continue to support Ukraine in restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state both in the bilateral and multilateral dimensions," according to the statement.

The press service of Poroshenko stressed that "the resumption of dialogue with Russia will not affect the position of Turkey."
The two leaders also discussed trade and investment issues.
"The Ukrainian President invited Turkish companies to take part in the privatization of Ukrainian enterprises," the press service added.

Poroshenko succeeded to meet the US vice-president Biden as well.

Poroshenko has thanked the USA for toughening of sanctions against Russia. It was agreed to make active diplomatic efforts to put an end to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Poroshenko has also noted importance of granting the third IMF tranche to Ukraine and stressed the will to continue implementing reforms. The vice-president Biden has informed on readiness to provide Ukraine with 1 billion dollars of credit guarantees, since Ukraine had stipulated all necessary conditions.
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6- Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 20.09.2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 15:46, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

The situation in the Donetsk People's Republic remains relatively calm.

Over the past day the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire regime 53 times.

The punishers launched ten shells of 82mm calibre onto the locality of Yasinovataya. The enemy was also firing at the Republic’s territory from infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers of various type and small arms.

The following localities underwent the AFU shellings: Zaitsevo, Zheleznaya Balka, Gorlovka and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk city.

Our intelligence continues detecting the fact of the Ukrainian military preparations for provocations. So, near the locality of Krasnogorovka (3 km away from the contact line) there were detected firing positions of two 122mm motorized artillery mounts ‘Gvozdika’.

All the data on violations of the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian party and the position of the AFU’s forbidden arms were passed to the OSCE and JCCC representatives.

A group of saboteurs from the 73rd sea centre of special operations forces arrived to the zone of responsibility of the 58th separate motor-infantry brigade. According to our information in the nearest future the group will be redeployed to the territory of the Republic for carrying out terrorist acts directed to destabilization of the situation in anticipation of the forthcoming people’s straw vote.
We make efforts for identification and elimination of all the enemy’s diversionary and prospective groups. At that, we urge residents of the Republic to report immediately to the hot lines of the military commandant's offices, duty services of of the Internal Affairs Ministry and MGB once having detected any suspects.

In the AFU there are noted the facts of plunder and sale of different types of property. So, in 13th and 16th battalions of the 58th separate motor-infantry brigade there were established the facts of selling food sets for purchasing gasoline for ensuring generators’ operation.

And in the 3rd battalion of the 30th separate mechanized brigade there are put on sale construction materials emitted for preparation of the advanced positions for winter. The military personnel of the 6th mobilization wave who are engaged in theft hope that they will be dismissed from the AFU in the nearest future and won't have to winter at unprepared positions.

According to our information, today the Ukrainian authorities shut off the enterprise Donetskteplokomunenergo for debts, in connection with what without water and light there were left thousands of citizens of the localities of Dzerzhinsk (Toretsk), Konstantinovka and Druzhkovka. The reasons for untimely debts’ payment became: systematic extortions of money from the enterprise by the authorities for the needs of the "ATO" which for two years have been numbering to 82,3 million UAH, and also the constant increase in utility fees in compliance with recommendations from the IMF.

We urge residents of Ukraine to voice their protest to the Ukrainian authorities who are at a growing rate driving the country into a debt hole and sinking it in excessive expenses for conducting "anti-terrorist operation".

The Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basurin, the official translation by the DONi News Agency

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