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BRICS/Russian Warship To Conduct Naval Exercises With China And South Africa

Cape Town – The Russian missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov arrived in Cape Town to participate in joint naval maneuvers with China and South Africa, said the spokesman of the North Fleet of Russia, Captain Vadim Serga.

Last week, the press service of the Northern Fleet reported
that at the end of November the three countries would conduct naval exercises to combat piracy and terrorism, as well as assistance to shipwrecked victims.

“The Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser, which heads the group of warships and auxiliary ships of the Northern Fleet, entered the port of Cape Town, South Africa,” Serga said.

The official said that Russian sailors will spend several days in South Africa, during which they will resupply fresh water and food, in addition to participating in joint naval maneuvers.

Serga said that the Viazma tanker and tugboat SB-406, which accompany the cruise ship Marshal Ustinov, will enter the port of Cape Town on the night of this November 24.

Marshal Ustinov is a cruiser of the 1164 project. It is armed with 16 missile launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, artillery and anti-submarine weapons.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video showing how the Kuzbass submarine of the Pacific Fleet ‘attacks with torpedoes’.

The ‘attack’ took place during the maneuvers of this Russian Fleet in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, near Japan.

Under the plan, the camouflaged Kuzbass tracked his opponent and made a simulation launch (electronically) of two torpedoes from a strategic point, then completed a maneuver to evade retaliation and left the area secretly.

The role of the ‘opponent’ was played by the Omsk nuclear submarine of the Antei project, armed with Granit cruise missiles.

“During the episode, the crew developed an algorithm to carry out the attack without launching the torpedoes themselves,” they said from the Fleet.
Omsk, in turn, performed an evasion maneuver.

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