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1- Frantic Fidel: for Freedom and Justice! - Aleksander Zakharchenko
2- Under Ukrainian fire: Famous rock singer and the Head of DPR visits frontine (Video)
3- Artists for the Donetsk People's Republic - Press-conference with A. Zakharchenko
4- 'From beginning Ukraine proved itself to be a totalitarian state' - The Head of LPR

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1- Frantic Fidel: for Freedom and Justice! - Aleksander Zakharchenko
Monday, November 28, 2016 - 13:34, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

"The death of Fidel despite his age came as a surprise for everyone. He would seemingly always exist. However it`s a fact. This is a great loss for all people of the world who fight for ideals of Freedom and Justice", said Alexander Zakharchenko, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic.

"As a matter of fact both Fidel and ideas he was fighting for were very important for Donbass. Since Cuban people together with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and other leaders were fighting for, the same thing we are fighting for in Donbass -- for the right to determine our own destiny. And Cuban people won despite all united Western forces were against them. The same as they are against us now. That is why Fidel was important for us. That is why
we were thinking and remembering him.

And also Fidel Castro was the example for us in the way he was fighting for an idea not for a power, oil or money. “The life without ideas is worthless. There is no bigger happiness than to fight for them” - said the leader of Cuban Revolution. And continued: «It`s warrior who can die but not his ideas». This is very consonant with our fight against neo-nazism and banderists. All Donbass militia was motivated precisely by the idea. That is why we are winning. The ideological content gives us the quality which defeats the mechanical advantage of adversary.

But the ideas for which Cuban nation rose up are very close for us and understandable. These are the ideas which are written on our banners: Freedom, Justice, Conscience, Equality. These are the ideas for which we need to fight and for which we can die. I would like to recall one more Fidel`s phrase which inspires us in our fight: «Let Homeland be proud of us. Don`t be afraid of a glorious death. Die for Homeland - means live!»."

Official translation by DONi News Agency

Неистовый Фидель: за Свободу и Справедливость!

Смерть Фиделя, несмотря на его возраст, стала для всех неожиданностью. Казалось, что он будет всегда. Однако это факт. И это большая потеря для всех людей на земле, которые сражаются за идеалы Свободы и Справедливости.

На самом деле и для Донбасса Фидель и дело, за которое он боролся, были очень важны. Ведь кубинский народ вместе с Фиделем Кастро, Че Геварой и другими лидерами боролись за то же, за что боремся мы в Донбассе – за право самим решать свою судьбу. И кубинский народ победил, несмотря на то, что против него были все объединённые силы Запада. Как и против нас сейчас. Поэтому для нас важен был Фидель. Поэтому мы думали и помнили о нём.

И ещё Фидель Кастро был примером для нас в том, что он боролся за идею, а не власть, нефть или деньги. «Жизнь без идей не стоит ничего. Нет большего счастья, чем бороться за них» -говорил лидер Кубинской революции. И продолжал: «Воин может погибнуть, но не его идеи». Это очень созвучно нашей борьбе с неонацизмом и бандеровщиной. Всё ополчение Донбасса было мотивировано именно идейно. Поэтому мы побеждаем. Идейность даёт нам то качество, которое побеждает механическое преимущество противника.

Однако и сами идеи, за которые встал кубинский народ, нам близки и понятны. Это те идеи, которые сейчас написаны на наших знамёнах: Свобода, Справедливость, Совесть, Равенство. Это идеи, за которые нужно воевать, и за которые можно умереть. Хочу напомнить ещё одну фразу Фиделя, которая вдохновляет нас в нашей борьбе: «Пусть родина смотрит на вас с гордостью. Не бойтесь славной смерти. Умереть за родину — значит жить!».


2- Under Ukrainian fire: Famous rock singer and the Head of DPR visits frontine (Video)
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 12:35, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

On 27 November famous rock musician Sklyar and the Head of the DPR Zakharchenko visited the front line at the outskirt of Donetsk capital. The group came under Ukrainian fire and Russian artist get firsthand experience from war in Donbass while giving a concert in Donetsk capital at the weekend.

The video with English subtitles, first published in A. Zakharchenko Youtube-channel.

Biography from Aleksander Felixovich Sklyar, born March 7, 1958, Moscow, USSR
The Russian rock musician, radio presenter, actor and author. Sklyar, who in the 1980s and early 1990s fronted the popular punk metal band Va-bank, later moved into the traditional Russian singer-songwriter territory covering the vast stylistic spectrum (Alexander Vertinsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Leonid Utyosov, Mark Bernes).

Sklyar famously ditched the career of a diplomat for rock music: in 1980–1985 a prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations graduate worked for the Soviet embassy in North Korea.

On return in 1985 Sklyar joined Tsentr, fronted by Vasily Shumov (whom he played with in 1979 as a guitarist in 777, the band's first incarnation) and took part in the recording the Priznaki zhizni (Signs of Life).

In June 1986 Sklyar formed his own band Va-Bank. A year later, having played at the Rock-Panorama event, the band visited Finland to give some concerts and record an eponymous debut album. European tour followed in 1989.

In 1991 (along with Alisa, DDT and Brigada S) Va-Bank took part in Rock Against Terror event and released in Lithuania its second album Vypei za menya (Drink for Me), recorded during the 10 days sessions in the Gorbunov Culture Club in Moscow.

In January 2015 the video appeared in the Internet with a song recorded to support  the soldiers of Novorossia  called «Millions» (when the war is on verge).
On November 26 Aleksandr Sklyar gave a concert upon the invitation of Republic`s Head in the DPR capital city. The recital included such «Va-bank» songs from different periods of their work as «My life», «We will cease Manhattan and then Berlin» which was devoted to the U.S. elections.

At the end of evening during the song «Let`s smoke a cigarette, comrade» the singer Dzhango, writer Zakhar Prilepin and Donbass leader Aleksander Zakharchenko came on the stage in order to sing famous words by the quartet.
DONi News Agency
Pics below from the concert in Donetsk capital (Please see the original):

3- Artists for the Donetsk People's Republic - Press-conference with A. Zakharchenko

Monday, November 28, 2016 - 15:37, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

On Sunday, November 27, a press-conference took place with the Head of Donetsk People`s Republic Aleksander Zakharchenko and the guests of the DPR – rock musicians Aleksander Sklyar and Dzhango (Aleksei Poddubny) and the writer, Zakhar Prilepin.

The press-conference was notionally named «Donbass – outpost of the Russian world». However, discussed at the meeting issues referred to the various aspects of culture, history, prospects of the DPR development and further cooperation between the Russian cultural representatives and Donbass.

Zakhar Prilepin has announced the issue of a special rock album with songs devoted to the fight of the DPR and LPR citizens for freedom. The disc will include the songs of various bands, such as «Va-Bank», «7 B» and such singers as Dzhango, Chicherina, Samoylov and other Russian rock singers.
This is not the first visit of the musicians and writer to Donbass. Zakhar Prilepin often visits the Donetsk People`s Republic, Dzhango was on the DPR stages multiple times, Aleksander Sklyar mostly visited the Lugansk People`s Republic and now he came to Donetsk.

Answering the journalists` question why he came to Donbass, Aleksander Sklyar told that for him the same as for many citizens of Russia it is a great privilege to be a part of our struggle.

Being an Orthodox and Russian person, I had no choice but to support a fair war of Donbass for our Russian world. I have done this starting from the beginning, when in August 2014 from my heart I made a song «Millions (When the war is on the verge)». I have done this the time I came to Lugansk. For me it was the essential expression of my position. And I`m very glad that I was invited to Donetsk, told Aleksander Sklyar. 

It should be reminded that earlier on Saturday evening Aleksander Sklyar gave a concert in the Center of Slavonic Culture for Donetsk citizens.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko in his turn stressed that this day became a trial by fire for the musician.

You can congratulate Aleksander. This day became a trial by fire. He visited the front line and came under fire. When we were in the area of Avdeevka industrial zone and Aleksander was giving his autographed disks to the soldiers, our convoy was detected and a fire was opened from heavy caliber automatic gun. We as military people got used to this but for him that was the first time, told Zakharchenko.

The same as his colleague, Aleksei Poddubny also believes in justice of our struggle.
The Russian culture with all its heart protests against lawlessness, committed by the Ukrainian nationalists in Donbass. And I feel a great honor to do something what can help Donbass citizens. I believe that justice will prevail, Russian world will be big and it will be based on love, told Aleksei Poddubny.

Answering the journalists` question on why far from all rock-musicians are  ready to come to Donbass, the writer, publicist, TV host Zakhar Prilepin told that there are lots of reasons and first of all – a fear to be left out of the contemporary Russian show biz.

Yes, lots of rockers support Donbass citizens, I was told backstage «I`m with you». But unfortunately our show business is far from being unanimous in this support. And while showing the active support of Republics, the musician can face a kind of manhunt. For instance, Aleksander Sklyar`s songs were excluded from rotation in the number of central radio stations and unfortunately this is a typical practice. However, the number of artists showing an interest towards destiny of the DPR and LPR citizens grows, and I`m sure that every month more and more culture, movie and music figures will come here, told Prilepin.

Aleksander Zakharchenko confirmed the writer`s words. In particular he told about the plans of film director Vladimir Bortko to make an art film about Donbass based on Aleksander Prokhanov`s book and a part of shooting is to take place at the territory of Republic. Apart from that the visits are planned of movie and theater artists. The visits are being negotiated of Emir Kusturica and Oliver Stone who made a sensational film «Ukraine on fire».

 The visit is possible of Steven Seagal who recently got the Russian Federation passport.

Trust me, there are lots of patriots among the representatives of Russian culture. Lots of them want to come here and they even envy us as we are at the front line of Russian world. This wave is growing and consequently it will sweep away this liberalism like tsunami, this lying part of the Russian culture which still exists. There are lots of people willing to come here – Okhlobystin, Porechenkov, Mikhailov… This is a kind of heroism, told Aleksander Zakharchenko.

Official translation by DONi News Agency

4- 'From beginning Ukraine proved itself to be a totalitarian state' - The Head of LPR
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 10:38, DONi Donbass International News Agency https://dninews.com (Donbass)

"I invite the true patriots of Ukraine to Lugansk", says the Head of the Lugansk People's Republic, Igor Plotniskiy, when he address the republic and Ukraine, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of all-Ukrainian referendum. Here is the full official translation of the speech.
"Dear citizens of Ukraine!

A quarter of the century is more than enough time to assess the consequences of that fateful decision, which we allegedly made on December 1, 1991.

The fact that the modern Ukrainian state was built on a basis of deception and hypocrisy, the people realized immediately after summarizing the results of the referendum and the first presidential election campaign. Instead of the promised prosperity and equality we got an unbelievable price increase, the delay of salaries during six months, mass unemployment and the forced use of the Ukrainian language at the educational establishments, on TV channels and in official documents.

From the very beginning, Ukraine has proved itself to be a totalitarian state, which does not care about the opinions and aspirations of the people. On December 1, 1991, the Transcarpathian region officially held a referendum on granting autonomy to that region. In that case, like in many others, the central government did not pay any attention to the people’s will.

Hiding behind the nationalist propaganda, the oligarchs and bureaucrats in Kiev were plundering the regions. In 2004 and 2014 people came to Maidan (the Square) claiming for justice and clamoring against the arbitrariness of officials, but they got the worse captivity, empty wallets, and even war.

Under the circumstances the referendum on May 11, 2014 and the formation of DPR and LPR were the ways for us to protect our homeland and our families from looting and destruction.
In any case, the civil war unleashed by the current Kiev regime against Donbass, the suppression of any sanity on the whole territory of Ukraine and the exchange of law enforcement for the madness of the inadequate “activists” - all these things threaten the very existence of the state. It can be saved only by a new national referendum: on the federal structure of Ukraine.

Not necessarily similar to the Russian Federation. It may follow the model of the Federal Republic of Germany or the United States of America. The most important principle is the formation of the state power hierarchy and budget from the bottom up to top, with maximum freedom for regions in matters of economy, culture, education, health care and law enforcement. While Kiev should be only one of the regions of Ukraine, equal to other parts of the country.

I invite the true patriots of Ukraine to Lugansk to discuss the future of the Constitution of the Ukrainian Federation and the questions of referendum organization. There is little time to search for a compromise. The collapse of Ukraine into many small areas is the alternative to it.

In the situation when the central power is in the hands of the corrupt officials who seek only how to plunder everything which has not been plundered yet and to steal everything which has not been stolen yet, the true citizens should raise their voices and support them with their activities. We are ready to give a democratic Ukraine another chance. Are you?"

The Head of The Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitskiy, full official translation.
DONi Donbass News Agency

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